What is “technobabel”? Officially, according to me, it is simply a soup the occurs when you combine technology and language (or babel).

For those who care, babel finds its trace in literature and history with The tower of Babel … biblically speaking, it marks the moment when God decided to broaden our horizons and spread mankind across the earth. This was accomplished by forming many different tongues (or languages) which in-turn scattered the people. Hence, the many different languages we have today.

This site provides me the outlet to express my views, my thoughts, and my theories in an open form. For the past decade I have desired to put pencil to paper and share my brain … yet, until this point I have done nothing … call it laziness … call it fear … call it a lack of strong writing technique (which I can’t really blame on school … but more my lack of engaging). However, over the last year I have been writing … sharing my life’s experiences in this thing called a blog. And finally, I believe I am ready for the next step.
This is not going to be a daily journal … it is going to be for of a ‘brain-dump’ of ideas and expressions dealing in the technical world, my world. So, welcome to it.