Taking its toll

As we are all well aware … gas prices have steadily been going up. When we moved to Sarasota, Florida $20 would fill my tank … now we are pushing $30-35. A year ago Melissa and I were paying $1.90 per US Gallon – the price was up to $2.60 by spring and now sits at $2.99 at the pumps (this is for regular unleaded). I have been complaining about the prices for what seems like forever, trying once … then twice, to cut down on my gas usage. However, I have always returned to the convenience of the car (there are a million excuses). But it is again on my mind! Melissa recently put forward a question … “At what price point will you stop driving to Ultimate up in Bradenton?” (it is about a 65 km round trip). Fair enough question … and I could not give an answer, a reasonable one anyways. It is hard to put a price tag on your recreational activities … it is so dependent on the day. The question prompted several conversations with Krishen on when people will stop driving … when will society start demanding more public transportation and infrastructure … when will I put on my walking shoes? Well … to help I pulled out our booklet of gas expenses we have been recording since last summer and took a look. (Krishen did an analysis of the fuel prices vs world events a while back … interesting)
Questions to you
How are the higher prices changing your driving patterns? And what is your price point?
Average price per US Gallon each month

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