Last weekend I joined my family in celebration … finally my sister is someone else’s problem 🙂 … though we do still love you sis! It was a spectacular affair nestled in the BC mountain town of Cranbrook. Congratulations to both of you, we all had a fantastic time.

Snow time fun

So, Melissa and the boys have left me in Florida to travel to the snowy fields of Alberta. While I will join them before the month is out … they got to visit Nana and Papa, Auntie Amanda and their many cousins.
Here are some shots of them having fun … oh, how I wish I was there.

The boys in their suits

Rocket Tours

So as the holiday winds down we are enjoying the company of Melissa’s dad who flew in on Friday. As we were sitting there catching up we discovered that he has never been to Kennedy Space Center … so there we had it – our holiday travel plans were set.

Picking up our standard 12 month passes we also snagged the “Then and Now” tour which takes you over to the air force side of things. There you can visit the old pads of Gemini and Mercury, and even Apollo 1 and 7. We also got a glimpse of a couple Delta 2 rockets and a Delta 4 rocket sitting on the pad awaiting their launch dates.

Joe shows us the Bomarc missile

Launch pad for Apollo 1 and 7
Back at KSC we were able to catch the rocket garden, the Apollo center, and tour the Orbiter model.

Don’t worry, we will bring her back fueled up

How many people can you fit in the Freedom 7 capsule
Unfortunately, time limits prevented us from catching the IMAX films or the Shuttle Launch Experience … but that just leaves you wanting to come back for more. It was a long day and by the time we reach home it was time for all of us to head to bed.