A Douro Anniversary

For our 10 year anniversary we wanted to reset with a little adventure for ourselves. So today Patricia and Luis took the boys and we took the train up the valley.

The first part of the train trip was nothing special, it travelled the edge of the Douro river and through suburbs of Porto, but the second half of the train ride was gorgeous. The homes dwindled in numbers and the farm land grew and then transformed into vineyards which stretched up almost every hill from the rivers edge.

We finally reached our stop, about an hour and a half up the line, in RĂ©gua. All around us we could see Vinhas (vineyards) stretching out from the town – but not having a tour booked we headed down the street to see what we could find.

After a browse through the Museu do Douro (Museum of Douro) and based on their recommendations we took a taxi across the river to the Quinta de Pacheca. We caught lunch first, another delicious feast, and then took the tour. Pacheca crushes all their red wines by foot (machines will crush the seeds and make the wine bitter) though not until October so music and dancing today – can only imagine what a sight it is. And after a wine tasting (they have some wonderful port wines) we escaped into the vineyard.

A wonderful day to cap ten wonderful years. Happy Anniversary!

One thought on “A Douro Anniversary

  1. On a journey to Portugal in July 2011, in SINTRA, we found your wallet. Thank you to communicate your postal address to us. Cordially.
    Sylvie ARSEGUEL