Sexta-feira [Friday] was another of our relaxation days, we took just a quick trip up the road to Esposende where Patricia’s grew up. We enjoyed the morning at the beach with Patricia’s father and sister.

For a guy that has been basking in the Florida sunshine for 8 years, this ocean water was COLD!! Melissa, however, was once again in her element and once she got over the shock she was back playing in the water.

Note: we are about the same latitude as Victoria
Joe, mean-while, had the trip finally catch up with him. One too many days walking the stairs of castles and getting in-and-out of the car.

After a couple hours at the beach we re-joined Patricia’s family for an excellent lunch. Joe and Owen played with Patricia’s cousins kids while we enjoyed some wine and another glass of Aguardiente – this time with some that had been aged in oak barrels.
After a few hours of letting that sit in, we hit an old town that actually pre-dates the romans who expanded upon it when they arrived. We also saw some of the old Roman aqueducts near the motorway on our travels.

Chronology points to occupation around 3rd and 2nd century before Christ

These foundations are from 27-19 b.C.

If you can’t beat em, join em
So, after a light day with another large and tasty lunch we headed home for an early bedtime.

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