After a good nights sleep and some breakfast we headed out to see the sites of Lisbon. Our first stop was the monestary of St. Jeronimos. This was a large and impressive santuary, a place where you could sit back and just imagine quiet and solem. First commissioned back in 1452, it was paid for through the explorations of the world and took more than a hundred years to build.

As a mark of 500 years of exploration back in the 1960’s, a monument was errected in Prince Henry’s honar. Prince Henry the navigator is the recognized brains behind portugal’s explorational aspirisions.

Depicts all the major players during the last 500 years.

Melissa getting in a little exercise

The Torre of Belem was constructed as one the main defensive structure for the river entrance.

The view from the top of the tower provided a great prospective of the city and the river. While the day was mostly cloudy, it was still hot. We saw one sign with the temperature at 85 degrees Celsius (though we think that was a bit off). So we headed back to the hotel room for a little rest and cooler air.

Got the European vibe
For dinner we headed back downtown and wondered the streets a little more.

Canada House
The city was destroyed in an earthquake back in the 19th cenury and rebuilt under the a new design pattern, the city grid. This offered larger streets and easier movement, a pattern replicated in other areas of the world.

The was the city of Lisbon, seen in one day. It was obvious that there was so much more to the city. There was a castle on the hill behind the city that just looked massive and several more churches and streets to explore, unfortunately we do not have the time on this trip to take it all in. So until next time…

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