If not in one … try two

After conquering our challenges last weekend it was time to enter our second weekend of this minor reno. As of last weekend we had the post-bolt in the floor and were awaiting the floor boards and drywall. It took several days to get all the drywall patch needed to fill in the area left by the missing wall, but once that was done we could complete the measurements and cut the boards.
With the boards bolted down we moved on to installing the Newel post with double the brackets needed to secure it – then further screwed down the floor board – and managed a decently post if we do say so.

The next challenge that stood before us; placement while ensuring we used minimal balusters, kept equal distance, and restricted a 4″ sphere from passing through the rails.

In the end, the math was less of the problem than just making sure the measurements were not out. A small mistake easily becomes a big one, as we noticed several times. We also picked up on the fact that the Baluster-to-Newel post distances would be different than the others due to the 4″ minimum, so we changed the numbers and ran things again. After fighting with using 20 Balusters and not feeling ‘safe’, we op’d for 21 and ensured we were good with “the code”.

With things spaced out, we could now measure for cutting. Remember our floor was not even so neither would the balusters so each baluster got a number. At one point we started taking just chopping 2″ off each post. I was placing for final measurements while Melissa cut … until I found an issue … 2″ was going to be too much for many of the posts. We stopped, re-placed the cut boards and worked one at a time from that point. We saved a trip to Lowes for new Balusters by one cut … at it was marked an on the saw when I called Melissa. Talk about close calls. This was further fueled with our thoughts as we started placing them into their slots that we actually over cut [a possible $100 1/8″ mis-measurement] … took some playing, but things finally settled into place and we could close up shop for the weekend.

As always, the work could not have gotten done without our little helpers. They cracked bolts in, held boards, and I hope learned a little. Then again, I think they enjoyed a weekend of movies, root beer floats, and watermelon (Joe’s pick) more 😉

3 thoughts on “If not in one … try two

  1. you guys are amazing…way to go for attempting and completing such a project!
    see you soon, with Alicia!

  2. The Renos look awesome!!! You conquered the task. Are you happy with the open look this gives you? I think I would be. Congratulations on a job well done. Now for the father’s inspection eh? Don’t worry. He’s too busy working to come down to inspect. You’re safe for a while.