The weekend project

After starting to “play” and prepare for replacing our stairway landing wall with a banister over the week, we finally removed the wall Thursday night – leaving us three days to complete the project.

Once the wall was removed we needed to do some leveling work on the concrete, lucky for me I had plenty of help.

This occupied quite a lot of our time as we (1) didn’t know how exactly we wanted to handle it (2) we ended up spending a lot of time grabbing tools and extras as we found them tied to our plan. Essentially, it is critical that we keep things level and level with the carpet then we needed to ensure that the Newel post would be stable. Since we are not time pressured we took our time and I think we put together a plan and are executing as best we possibly can.

Once we did some clipping and determined the placement of the Newel post, we placed in the bolt for support.

We then did some finished the leveling job with a concrete patch.

Now, with 24 hours waiting for everything to cure … we finished the demo job on the wall.

After the boys had fun, we cleaned up and got things ready for trash day.


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