A first renovation

We have been talking about getting rid of the half-wall along our stairs for a few months now. Today we started with the boys putting a hole in the wall so we could get a better view and start making some decisions on what to do.

Owen takes charge with power tools

Joe is not going to be out-done

A “peep” hole was cut
With the hole cut and some visual of the internals we visited the store and started a materials sheet. So, while we will be forming the final budget tomorrow we still thought we could get more done. And after the kids went to bed we continued to cut out the wall – being careful to leave things so that the stairwell is safe. However, we managed to salvage some things, but most of it was just fun!

Surveying the damage

Proud mom!
Of course … this all followed a night of fun with our good friends the McCoy’s …

Joe, Owen, Tiffany and Tyler let loose

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