And he is two

And what a different it makes … he has just been so amazingly grown up. Just the talking has blown me a way over the last few weeks. Can this really be happening? Can Owen actually be two??
Well, he is … and he brought it in, on request, with dinosaurs. Melissa went WAY out of her way to put together some really cool activities for our aspiring paleontologists. We had dino eggs to be painted … a little dig site full of dinosaurs to be found … and of course a volcano of gifts (and yes … they were stacked on a volcano).
Thanks to everyone for coming … especially our newest family addition … “Bite”, Owen’s betta fish.
Check out the shots from the day
Owen’s Stats

Age: 24 months
Weight: 25 1/4 lbs
Height: 33 3/4 in.
Head: 19 in.

(Guess that means he is going to be 5’6″ … just like his uncle … well maybe not that short)
[Yes … this was backdated, sorry for being so behind]

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