Meet Ms. Wazowski

Made by Melissa
Today we joined Devin on a trip up to St Pete to visit the St. Petersburg Clay Company who was hosting a arts fair today. The kids got to create some tie-die shirts and some spin-paintings … oh how kids love paints. Melissa then took part in a Topiary workshop where she got to create a monkey … one of the hardest projects. Completed with top marks even if it was her first time. Meanwhile, Joe and Owen got to play with some clay on the throwing wheel, play in the garden, and draw some chalk pictures on the sidewalk.

Oh, and … there were trains there 🙂

Thanks to the Florida Garden Railroad Society

3 thoughts on “Meet Ms. Wazowski

  1. Sounds like a fun day. Looking forward to seeing you all in 11 days. We land at 1:15and will head straight to Vistana after we pick up a rental car. I’m all packed!
    Love Nana

  2. Have you stopped taking photos and letting the rest know what you are doing? It’s now July Cam!