Big Boy Beds

The boys have made the transition. With Joe growing out of the toddler bed we started looking at his replacement and settled on getting full-sized beds to match. We were even lucky enough to find a gentleman here in town that would build them for us.
Today they arrived, were assembled, were made … and have now housed the first nap.

We may redo the stain on the beds as the color was not really what we were expecting, but overall they seem sturdy and solid. Made of pine, they fit a twin mattress both on top and in the trundle bed that gets rolled underneath. We have one of the trundle beds setup, the other we are going to use a storage as we found the one that came with the crib so valuable over the last couple years.

So, the kids room has been a long work in progress. We first painted … then put up a shelf, decorated with posters and pictures of space and rocketships. Now we have topped it off with beds.

The night before…

the new room

4 thoughts on “Big Boy Beds

  1. I sure like your beds, Owen and Joe. Your blankets are my favourite colour too! You boys are sure growing up fast. I’m looking forward to seeing you in June.
    Love Nana

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