Pizza and Movies … all under the patch top tent

This week Joe wrote me a note asking for a play-date with Dad, so this good Friday I made plans for a tent party in the living room. We pulled all the sheets out, pinned them up over the coach and tv, cooked up some pizza, and sat down to watch Bolt. This is Joe’s current favorite movie … and about the 10th time he has seen it this week 😉

3 thoughts on “Pizza and Movies … all under the patch top tent

  1. Joe looks like he’s not sure if the steed he’s on is going to drop him over his head any second and Owen is just loving the whole experience. The tent brings back memories of the blanket tents Cam, Brendan, Kurt and Kari used to build in our living room. Looks like you had a good time!

  2. Oh it does … we had a great time. Not to long and we will be playing board games and staying up late 😉
    Its great to be a kid some days.

  3. I wrote my dad a note once. Unfortunately it was because I put a puck through the garage door!