When ‘What Time is it Mr. Wolf’ turns bad

Some would say that a you should never go into a land war in Asia…

… but I would offer up that a bookshelf can also be a formidable opponent!
This evening, Joe fell back against a bookshelf … with most clinics closed and an emergency visit was going to be a 4.5 hr wait, since it was questionable whether or not it needed a stitch we are going to take a wait and see approach. The gash is a good one though, at least mom is right there doing what she does best. A little TLC and some ice can mend almost any wound.

4 thoughts on “When ‘What Time is it Mr. Wolf’ turns bad

  1. It’ll probably need at least one stitch. Christopher’s did when we smacked his head on a stone column last year. The worst part will be the bald spot on the back of his head though.

  2. I sure hope Joe got some ice cream for all of his pain?
    Seeing it in a picture is a bit easier than seeing it in person – at least I am not passing out right now!
    BIG hugs,

  3. Oh no! Poor Joe!It feels like last week he was just beginning to crawl…now he’s playing hockey and horseplaying like any little young man 😉
    Keep updating the blog! I cant help but find myself spending hourslooking at you guys! I just LOVE the family! Anyways keep me posted!
    Love Auntie Deb! xoxo

  4. OH sugarplum looks as though little Joe has Biffed his head! Hopefully Big Ben rings and signals ice cream and crumpet time. Better check for more sharp objects around the Flat!
    best of luck and buscuits and bonnets