The true hockey experience

Melissa and the boys headed to the rink this evening to watch cousin Tyler play.

Ahh … the smell of the rink, the sound of the ice, the annoying moms yelling from the stands. You can’t get much better than that!

7 thoughts on “The true hockey experience

  1. “the annoying moms yelling from the stands.”
    For the record, this is Cam interjecting his own childhood memories. There were no such moms out tonight. 🙂

  2. There were a few of those AYM’s over the years. I even remember one Grandmother yelling at her grandson while he was in the penalty box (with 4 other teammates). She very emphatically told him she didn’t come to watch him sit in the “box”. But, the 5 players sitting in the penalty box gave Cameron some much needed ice time since we had driven 3.5 hrs. to play this game.

  3. Come on now … everyone loves the moms. But as a kid, while you love it, it is always “geez mom … the cowbell … again!!!!?”
    lol … I love all hockey moms and dads. Without them, there would no hockey!!!

  4. Oh I hate the cowbell moms!! I had one last year…I wanted to shove it up her….well you get the idea.
    Our way of embarrassing the boys this year is we are getting pom poms for the tournament in Edmonton. lol Their quiet but we can still make an ass out of ourselves and sometimes that is the best part of hockey tournaments! 🙂