Santa cometh

Well, as you all see, there is a slightly newer look to the site. Over the last few days I have squeezed in a couple hours and a late night to adjust the layout and fix the comment section. Yea … that only took about 6 months. I have noticed one thing though, with the comments you quickly start to see when your falling behind in posting. So … time to catch up …
Christmas was upon us a few days ago … we arose pleasantly from our beds in the morning – no seriously – Joe was up but stayed upstairs and mostly quiet while we got up.

Upon arriving downstairs the boys noticed that the cookies and milk left for Santa were almost gone. With that came the stockings … one interesting find was that both boys were very content with just the first thing they found in the stocking. It actually took coaxing to move them along … but we finally made it to breakfast. Waffles … yummm … which Melissa had prep’d the night before. We were joined by our neighbour Pam who also cooked us dinner that night … thanks again Pam!

Then it was back to the tree for an array of gifts. The complete Bond set for Dad … wooden train for Owen … a big plane for Joe … and a neckless for Mom … not to mention the remote control cars, a front-end loader, an art easel, and so much more.

Owen takes out the train

Time to get Joe One ready to launch

Shiloh enjoys a new bed and bone
And to top off a perfect day we got to enjoy some time with Nana, Papa and Grandma H. As my mother states, things have come a long way in the years Grandma has seen.

A family photo that crosses a border and 4500km

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