The letter

“Dear Santa, ” … that was how it started. Joe’s first letter to Santa. Wishes for his brother, mom and dad, and of course … a request for himself.

And into the mailbox it went…

Even with Santa busy with preparing for the upcoming big night he took the time to answer.

What a fun year this is as Joe has really taken to the holiday season. Even Owen seems to be grasping the holiday – though he is not so fond of Santa 😉

Just a side note for the historical time log. A few weeks ago Owen had asked to sit on the toilet – but nothing. Yesterday, Dec 18, 2008 … Owen banged on the toilet. “Would you like to sit on the toilet?” … “YUS” … so Melissa put him on. He went. “All done?” … shakes head. … wait … wait … “All done?” … shakes head. And then he went again … this time #2!
FANTASTIC … A big thanks to big brother Joe for doing such a good job of teaching.

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