Maybe in a few years

Do you know that feeling you get you know that something is out of place? Now combine that with a distant voice breaking your early morning rest and you get a sense of how we felt as we woke a 6:30 this morning.
We were stirred this morning by Joe’s voice … loud but distant. Melissa immediately thought he was just outside our bedroom door and went to check on him … me … I looked out our open bedroom window – we both found nothing. So Melissa headed downstairs to investigate further … and what she found brought a sense of relief and strike of fear at the same time…
There was Joe standing outside our lanai … on the grass. Locked out and calling to us to get back in. There was Shiloh … leash hanging from her neck just inside the door looking out at Joe.
Evidently, Joe had woken early in the morning (darn day-light savings) and following instructions from mom went downstairs and let us sleep. Well, kind of following instructions from mom … she had told him not to wake the house if he got up early as he has a habit of first waking Owen … then coming and waking us … all at like 5 or 6am.
He turned on the TV to the animal channel, played a little Starfall on the computer … and then decided that Shiloh needed a little care. So he filled her food dish and opened the locked sliding door, placed a stool to reach the outside latch, and tried to take her out for her morning walk.
What a big boy … being so thoughtful and helping out … but at just over 3 and a half it tends to scare the bejeava’s out of his parents. Time to upgrade our locks and ease our nerves.

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