The San Francisco Treat

Well, I am out west for a few days making my first trip to San Francisco. After two days of setting up our booth we took a Saturday off and headed out on the town … well, we headed out of town. We crossed the bridge and headed for an afternoon in Napa Valley doing some wine tastings.
This evening after a full day of working once more we went for dinner on the warf and then took the cable car home. Now, that is a must ride for those visiting (not that it isn’t a tourist attraction already). The driver was hilarious and the whole ‘cable car’ concept is rather interesting as a transit mechanism. I so wish the boys were here … they would have loved this so much.
Enjoy some quick shots from the trip so far…

The Point Bonita Lighthouse

Jacuzzi Family Winery

V. Sattui Winery

The Rock … as it stands

Don’t call it a trolly … this is a Cable Car!

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