The “wee-whoo” trucks arrive

A big thanks goes out to the Sarasota and Manatee county fire departments for a great start to fire safety month. We first headed out to home depot for our “first Saturday of the month” ritual where they had fire trucks and firefighters helping out with the Kids Workshop.

The task: build a fire truck complete with whistle

Joe was nervous meeting the fire fighter in full gear

Without the mask though they were buddies

We had a full crew … load up and lets roll!
After Home Depot, it was time to head down to a local station to meet up with Devin, Krishen, Joy, Janna and little Anna. There the county has a large training facility and were running an open house for the public.
We got to ride in some trucks…

They flew in a helicopter…

Showed us some of their stuff…

And over all blow a lot of smoke … it was a great day!

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