New toys

Meet our new Nikon D60.

Now we can take a leap into the world of photography 😉 (yes … that was bad, I know)
This camera is sooo cool. Even though we have loved the Canon SD1000, we really missed the advanced features of the PowerShot G3 and G6. When we started looking again at our G6 we ran into a dilemma – stay with the PowerShot series or make the move up. Back when we bought the G6 it was going to be our only camera, and it covered the bases – photos and video. Now, since our SD1000 covers that … we finally took the plunge and moved into the SLR line-up. Yes, it cost us more … but it is well worth the price.
And with all the weddings over the next year it is time to start practicing, and that has Melissa excited … she has really been looking forward to getting this camera.

Check out our gallery from this past week.

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