Time off

So, this last week (and a little bit) I managed to take some time away from the office. Combo of Canada Day, Anniversary, Kids and some much needed brain-off time. Plus, we got our standard belated fireworks on the 4th … these americans 😉
Anyways … it was hard to pull away, at times it seemed more stressful NOT being at the office than just being there. But it is needed … for my coworkers, for my sanity, and for my family. So to help with all that we enjoyed some of Dad sleeping on the couch, lots of TV, few project tasks (Joe and Owens bedroom has only polish left), and of course one day spent at the local water park.

Click for Pictures
The YMCA here in town has a water park for kids combined with a competitive aquatic center. So after five years we thought we would check it out … and we were glad we did.
Enjoy some shots of the day
Still have not migrated over to the newer, sleaker iPhoto galleries … going to have to do that at some point – guess I am going to need some more time off 🙂

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