Mote Morning

So, mom left us this morning in a prep for her upcoming disappearing act. She felt that going and getting a spa treatment would be “good for the soul” … while sending me out on the town with the two boys would be “good for the soul” … hmmmm. Anyways, with Christopher and Shannon there as well I did manage to get the two boys to “Sharkapalooza” at Mote Marine Laboratory … and they both had fun.

We spent the morning in a play class where we sang songs, played games, and did crafts. While Joe was a part of the class, Owen was sure to stay interested and as much a part of things as he could be … even stealing some of Joe’s snacks!

Then it was time to tour the aquarium … turtles, dolphins, and of course the sharks. We had a great day with the McCoy’s – Joe and Tiffany have so much fun together. And I think we learned a lot … heck, I had both boys out on the town without mom for four hours and they survived. Guess four days is going to be a peace of cake 😉

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