Fireman Joe

Good Friday was just that. A day where Melissa woke up and realized that in a couple weeks she would be steaming through the islands of the Caribbean on board a pleasure craft to fit her dreams. Course … those dreams also include no husband, no children, and some pure peace and quiet. Ahh … lucky woman me thinks 🙂
But … it also was a day where we got to visit the local fire station. Joe has been asking for a while, so today we stopped by the station to say hello. The folks there were great, taking Joe on a tour and showing him all the nooks and crannies of the trucks. He even got to sit in the drivers seat.

The trucks were a bit scary, but over time they became a lot more fun. Think Joe had a good time. (The “wee-ooo” trucks will be talked about for a while I am sure) On a funny note, he references the sounds they make by “ta-tu ta-ta”, oh how books influence the kids (present from my trip to Germany).
I have to send a big thanks to the Firemen of Sarasota County … you guys made a couple kids very happy today (and yes, by kids I also include Melissa!).

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