So, we talked a little about things getting nuts at work … and losing track of things here. But last week was fun … work hard – play hard! Though … now it is time to sleep hard (hello weekend!).
But a couple things have happened … and should be logged if nothing else. First, Joe has started going potty … by himself. I woke up to him saying that he had just gone, he had managed to slide himself onto the toilet and go. Melissa tells me he has been going using a step stool, but that this was new. He also got up from bed tonight to go … we just heard him upstairs. Great news on that front.
Owen continues to get better on his feet. He eats extremely well and is very mobile. To top it off, I noticed he was moving into a seated position … standing, sitting, crawling … only thing left is walking. And I doubt that will be much longer. (Now, Melissa tells me that he has been sitting for a while – where have I been?)
That … and Owen has cut is first tooth since we last talked. Thought I saw another poking through. Oh how I know that Melissa is excited about that one.
Lastly, we pulled into a shopping mall parking lot the other night and Joe pipes up “look, Bealls” … now we don’t shop there regularly – at the chain that is. Last time we were at that store was over two months ago. So, caught us a little off guard … but great news.
So it is great to be home and catching up on all these new things … I look forward to being home a little more.

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