Another one bites the dust

So … now my sister is getting into the game. As if my brother wasn’t enough!!!! Kurt … your now the last hold out … remain strong man … remain strong!!!!! And in a indication of the times. No letter, no telegraph, no phone call … not even an email. Nope! … I have to find it posted to the web.
Well, congratulations to you both … enjoy the next few (12, 24, 48?) months, hold on to them … cherish them … they are the last you have as you, for then you will be two!

4 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. I guess that means I found out before you. Karin came up to bed last night and mentioned she had seen it on Kari’s blog.

  2. A little bitter?? lol Dont be Mom was really one of the only ones that got the call. You all knew it was happening anyways…I was the only one out of the loop (good job with the cover up(s)by the way). The internet is the fasted and easyest way to get word out when your heading out of town:)

  3. Eh,
    I told you guys about this in victoria. You can’t be given Kari a hard time for not calling you. Anyways we went out of town that weekend and haven’t really called to many people about it anyway.