Getting back to normal

Owen starts in net … big surprise eh?
Well, this year remained “interesting” upon arriving home … while initially we thought we were getting better, the noses never really stopped running and the throats started getting sore once again. Melissa probably got the worse of it … as the days went by things got worse and worse … and the drugs were not helping. When Joe developed a rash it was time to see the doctor.
Diagnosis: Strep throat
And the rash? Well, that was Strep Throat induced Scarlet Fever ???
Well, it is a VERY MINOR variant of the fever – named for the colour of the rash. Essentially, the strep throat caused the body to go out of wack which in turned causing the rash. Don’t worry … nothing serious.
However, a little antibiotics and things have turned around nicely. Once again I leave this amazed how well kids handle being sick. They remain active and happy while their energy levels are up … and quiet when the energy is drained.Joe and Owen rarely fuss … unless your cleaning their nose.

Joe would let christmas last forever
But as we heal we are finally getting around to cleaning the house. The tree has come down, the decorations are going away, and life is starting to get back to our day-to-day. While we are not able to re-drop the puck on 2008, maybe we will finally get to play a shift.
So … the family is once again health. And notes for the record … Owen is crawling on everything .. up on bags, standing up on the coaches, and now walking and pushing around Joe’s Pooh-bear train. He is really moving … and he couldn’t be happier about it. (Mom and Dad on the other hand… … …)

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