The end cometh … but not yet

So, another hello from Victoria. After visiting with family, and family, and family for the past couple weeks, we are heading to the mainland to bring in the new year with some old friends. Then it will be back for the final pack before heading south for the winter. For those we did not get a chance to catch-up with … our home in Florida is always open to visitors.

With that, we took back our ride over the last few days … an ’07 Nissan Maxima. A nice car with a ton a little features I am going to miss heading home. Though the heated seats and steering wheel is not really required in Sarasota.

Grandma Bev also took us all down to the beach for a little west coast excursion. With Aunt Amanda in town with the boys, Joe had to show those prairie boys how to play in the sand and surf … and they did … until Joe realized that playing in the water on the west coast of BC was slightly cooler than than he is use to. But we all had fun!

Joe explores
And as the year draws to a close, Owen had one more milestone to meet. He has now reached a full crawl … a full knee up from his inch-worm rendition. And it was caught on video so you can all see it later. Oh right … yes, we have a new camera. Our main camera had a slight oops on boxing day, and for the second time it has a lens that will not retract. So before the day was out we had picked up a new, slim, sleek Canon SD1000. And we like 🙂 … Though we will have to fix the old one for more of those “fun” shots.

The peaceful coast of home

One thought on “The end cometh … but not yet

  1. Sounds like you all are all well now! YAY!!!! Oh and the maxima—I do USE my heated seats in Sarasota!!!!!!!!! hee hee It’s supposed to freeze here the next 2 nights!!!!!