Christmas Eve: BYOB

This Christmas is one for the history books … and really it started about 10 minutes before we boarded the plane out of Tampa… WARNING: NOT FOR THE WEAK STOMACH!!!
Joe and I had taken a short walk down the terminal to watch the planes take-off and land while we awaited ours. And just after our plane landed and taxied past the window on the way to the gate … Joe’s lunch decided to also … ahhh …. arrive. From there through Toronto it repeated about every 15 minutes, he was basically empty for the trip to Calgary – but still sick. But, through it all Joe and Owen were great travelers — and the WestJet crew were excellent.
We ended up being stuck in Calgary over-night (thats another story about Krishen, a missing bag, and bad-weather) – the plus side; we saw Amanda and Grandpa, and had breakfast with Nana and Papa. Joe was feeling better through Victoria – seems the 10 hour bug was finally on its last legs.
Once arriving at Grandma Bev’s we had lunch and took a nap … only to wake up to Owen showing us how much he is like his brother. Great … there goes another 10 hours. An to top things off, I had come down with a nasty head-cold. And as we left for Courtenay, Doug (Bev’s husband) was in bed with his bucket.
The trip up to the middle of the island seemed to be almost a break. My head cold was starting to clear and the boys were doing much better. But my cold was passed on to Melissa and Joe by the time we reached Victoria again … and it still lingers (runny noses suck!).
However, Christmas eve tops the cake. Aunt Tea woke up sick to her stomach … Cameron (Aunt Kari’s boyfriend) was down just after dinner. Kari dropped about 10pm, and Tracy (Uncle Brendan’s fiance) added to the body count before bed. Though by this time almost everyone had a queazy stomach!
Now we just wait and see … who is next??? DUN DUN DAAAAA!
Christmas in Victoria, BYOB: Bring your own Bucket!
On a side note, here are some pictures of our trip so far…

Its great to be home

Worlds largest hockey stick. Duncan BC

Owen shows nana some love

Ahh, the sweat smells of home

Sitting Lady Falls, short hike from my grandparents

Joe jams with the Saunders

What?? Nana’s kissing Santa

He even did the rounds catching great grandma Hemphill too

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve: BYOB

  1. I am sure glad for buckets! Too bad they haven’t invented toilets that face each other with soft seats and apparatus to hold heads up and support for those that tend to pass out. It would have made the night seem a little shorter. Sure glad dad could take over for me about 4:30.

  2. Hey…if you guys are still in town and are feeling better, please give me an email and we will meet. I have been waiting since Joe was really little to see you guys again.
    I know what you mean about it being a sick Christmas…everyone here has been in the various of stages of sick. 🙁
    Get better soon.
    Love ya….Liz 🙂

  3. Hello everyone!
    I am glad to know you had a wonderful christmas.
    Miss you more than ever.