Back in the real world

When did he get this big?
So, I am back in town. Actually, I have been for quite some time, I just failed to let you all know 🙂 Trip home was good and being back with family is better.
Speaking of family. This past weekend our family was invited to a ice-skating birthday party for our neighbour, Happy 8th Gabby! Thanks for inviting us skating … it was a blast to get out on the ice again. And I know Joe had a good time; he kept us there watching hockey after the party was over, and hasn’t stopped talking about skating and hockey since!

Owen was right there parting it up too. He even developed a slick maneuver to snag your drink and/or food while you look the other way. His dexterity is getting really good.

Since he was so interested in the pizza, we thought we would try something more “his age” when we got home.

And does he like it?? Mouse-over the picture

Then Sunday it was to the beach … where we got a chance to just sit back and relax for a few hours. The water was gorgeous and the weather was perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving folks … hey, I take the long-weekends as I get them, even if they are late 🙂

One thought on “Back in the real world

  1. “The water was gorgeous and the weather was perfect.”
    What’s the word for mild hatred to use here …