Ich benötige nach Hause für einen Rest

obwohl ich hasse zu gehen.

Today was the start of the carnival, Mainzer Fassenacht, season which is “opened” on the 11 day of the 11 month at 11:11. (which is a stark difference to our Remembrance Day). It was very busy and quite fun; people were all dressed in costumes, there was live music, and of course … beer and wine was on tap! (the popular drink was Gluehwein, a hot spiced red wine)

After a couple hours of partying with die lokalen Leute, I got back on the tourist boat and visited a couple cathedrals. One had the doors open for visitors (I did not take pictures as I am not sure it was open for tourists per say) … but it had a amazing pipe organ and a painted ceiling.

But, instead of hitting the museums and such, I took headed out to hit a couple sights and see where things took me. My only requirements: I wanted to see the newly discovered Roman theater and hit a local micro-brew (said to have the best beer in town).

After finding the Roman ruins, I took a left down a road that was calling my name.

During the trek, I found the old walls of the city, a friendly football match, and just took some time to soak (literally) in my last few hours.

And no, I didn’t forget about my beer, bratwurst and sauerkraut … which was amazing.

3 thoughts on “Ich benötige nach Hause für einen Rest

  1. i agree with kurt on all the comments i so wish i were you …or that we get posted there sometime looks amazing!