Halloween in the woods

So starts what appears to be a tradition – well, at least we are having fun doing it. For the last two years we have joined some friends camping over the halloween weekend. This year our “non-group” camping crews swept the pumpkin carving contest … my talents left our family out of the winners circle – but we hang with those who won. Congrats everyone.

Joe takes his first crack at carving pumpkins … well, before he got bored and decided to dance to the tunes we had going. We had several campsites gather together to carve … so there was a lot going on. Plus, Joe doesn’t like to get messy!

While Joe took to the streets as the ‘RocketMan’, Owen went as our little pee. We had a lot of fun hitting each site for sugar hit. Joe’s favorite was the haunted house — not because he like going through it, “No, Joe scared”. However, he thought it was funny to watch other go through … we ended up standing there a long time.

During the days they had a small festival going, and being a state park it was being run by the ranger crew. Joe had no problems getting he fingers into things here!
In other news: Owen is now rolling over back-to-front, front-to-back and he was spotted on separate occasions by both Melissa and I up on all fours. Lock the doors … we’re going to have two on the loose.
Also, post camping and I was setting up a gallery of the trip when our MacBook took a dump. Appears that the HD crashed. So we will be needing to replace that sometime soon and sending the old one for data recovery (suggestions/recommendations?).
This is actually the first time I have had a harddrive crash on me to the point where it is not seen by the system. Ugly!
But … we have lost many of our photos from the last year, which really sucks. I am just glad I have the blog for my record. Two things noted: Need to burn more CDs … Need to print more pictures for the photo albums.
Update: note the discussion boards … sounds like we are not alone.
Also Posted today: Retrodata warning
Guess we are calling Apple tomorrow then eh?

One thought on “Halloween in the woods

  1. If you can get the system booted, you might be able to use disk utility to get it recovered to the point of salvaging the data off it.
    I replaced the hard drive in my iMac just a couple months ago. It had been giving me weird problems with not booting up.
    If that doesn’t work, then it may have met the same ill fate as the one in the mini at work. Drive, what drive?