Go for launch

We have been trying to catch a shuttle launch since we moved here and either could not get the time or things were postponed due to weather. There were similar concerns today, but by 7:30am they were pretty confident so we jumped in the car and raced toward Kennedy.

The crew of STS-120 riding Discovery into orbit
After the show was over, Joe wanted to see more … and well, since we were there!

Joe was really excited to have returned. This time we ran into a space man walking around in his EVA suit, that was fun. We also caught the space station movie and toured the rocket gardens … Joe’s favorite is the Gemini capsule.
Joe in his spacesuit was a hit. Here we thought it would just be fun for him to wear his suit today (we actually brought it to trade-in for one smaller, but decided this way he had room to grow) … well turns out that many others enjoyed it as well. He posed for many a photo shoot as he scurried about the center.

The rocket men are here

A family adventure

Rocket ride please!

How do they go potty daddy?

… and this button …

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