These past few days I have been hanging out in Chicago. I arrived as a single traveller, so I decided to take transit coming into town. Figured I would see more of the city than if I was on the highway … turns out my $2 trip was a lot cheaper than a similar cab ride ($40).

There is a lot to this city. I love the brick buildings … so much character. The old crumbling mills, the old smoke stacks, the homes … it would be great to spend some time and take some good shots of the area – but nope, I am at the McCormick Place from dawn til dusk. This is the nations largest convention center … and I can believe it … HUGE doesn’t do it justice.
That is not to say I did not get out at all … thanks to #43 of the Blackhawks, James Wisniewski, who passed along some fantastic tickets to one of my coworkers – I got to catch a game. Little downtime never hurt anyone right?

2 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. Blackhawks doing well this year, hope I see them in the post season! Kane and Toews are awesome 🙂

  2. They are definitely “good”. You see that first goal … wow! Knew that it was a highlight reel goal … and I was sitting at the other end of the rink.