Owen’s first game

Owen had reason to be excited today. For this evening was a night out with Dad … and tonight Dad had something special in mind. Tonight was Owens first hockey game, a tradition for the boys in our family.
Owen was great. He was not happy with the opening sounds as it was a tad on the loud side, but once the game started he settled right into things. He followed the puck and the players up and down the ice, talked and smiled to those around us, and cheered with Dad when Tampa scored. He did not start to get tired until about half way through the third period, but even then did not get fussy. Seems like we may have another hockey fan in our family.
Here is some snap shots of our evening… and good news, Tampa won.

Joe is ready too

Sights and sounds of the good ‘old hockey game

Owen seemed to really get into things

Tampa scored first, Pathers tied it before Tampa again took the lead

Can they hold on to that 2-1 lead?

Our small party circle

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