“Walking … moon … Joe!”

So, it was about time that our family got out of dodge and enjoyed a little time together. And what better a place to bond than the place that shots you to the stars.
Well, it also seems that the gift Joe and Owen gave me for my birthday inspired a new passion in them … “Man … walk … moon … rocket … blast-off … Joe ride” has become a constant phase over the last couple weeks … Thanks Tom!
So to further treat our budding rocketman … it was off to Kennedy.

Standing next to giants

“Now this button here …”

“Bye mom … dad … Joe ride”

“I was strolling on the moon one day …”

Joe points out the spaceship … joe? You there?
If all goes well, maybe we can catch a launch soon, but we will be back. We had WAY TO MUCH FUN!
What was really interesting was to see how much the kids have grown. Joe was completely involved with the entire experience. He sat interested through the movies, played with the interactive toys, and gazed with wonder at the sites all around. Owen, well, he was playful and curious along with the rest of us. Then at dinner we would sit down and have full conversations and hear the dreams that are jumping through their little heads. They continue to amaze us with what they put together, what they connect, and what they remember.

3 thoughts on ““Walking … moon … Joe!”

  1. The KSC was always one of your favourite (Canadian spelling)places too Cam. Remember your plastic shuttle with the payload doors that opened? Joe looks like he is right into this space stuff.