Birthday week

Melissa slaves away at my birthday perogies
So, my birthday was a real treat … a day off from the craziness that is a product release. Since then a week has passed and it is time for me to pass the torch on to Melissa – happy birthday dear. No, your not getting perogies … but maybe some waffles. Here are some fun shots from the past week.

Our son the innovator – yes, this was his idea

Owen finally took to the saddle … yee haw!

Joe is more than happy to give his lit’l bro a ride

Our family … our fun.

Now, I know. The blog has been really lacking of late. Work has been nuts as I try and get my baby out into the real world, it has been a lot of work from a lot of people – but it is worth it. The company has a video promotion up on their website for those curious. And hey … if you know of any software engineers looking for a job 😉

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