Repair bill

So, after spending this past week fixing another problem on our green baby it was time to go looking for a replacement (note to kids, late night troubles don’t make for happy parents – there are options). We had specific requirements … safety, fuel economy, and 4 doors for the kids … oh, and please give me my standard 5-speed transmission back. We have liked what Toyota has offered over the last couple years – following the Hybrids and other fuel efficient models – so we hit them first … and as it turns out last.
To be truthful, we have been watching the different models as we knew this was moment in time was coming. Now it was time to see if they deliver. Initially it did not look like the 5-speed was available … but a 2007 model was still left and they were willing to make a deal.
Meet our new car, the Corolla CE 2007.
The biggest pull was the fuel economy: 32 city and 41 hwy. This item alone kept us with the Corolla (great addition for our S.O.S. pledge). The safety marks are also high and it seats our family even though it is compact sedan. Which it is … noticeably smaller in the back seat, though the apparently reasonably comfortable for Melissa (without the car seats installed). The smaller engine keeps it from being a peppy car (guess it will be another few years before I get my mid-life crisis car), but it has a little get up and go … better than the Grand am and about the same as my old Cavalier.

Overall, this was an smooth sale. While we have to rearrange our budget a little … it won’t break the bank. And for a family looking for a new-“er” car – the brand new car was a nice find.
With that … anyone need a car? We have a lovely Pontiac Grand AM … new Radiator, spark plugs and wires, suspension and alternator.

3 thoughts on “Repair bill

  1. Nice car… but where do I sit when I come for a visit…. or should I say, where do you sit.