Grease Monkey

Joe fix it!
So, our coolant started disappearing last week/weekend and we finally got a chance to take a peak. A quick attempt to address the issue with “stop leak” radiator additive quickly showed what the problem was. A crack down the side tank … oh boy.

The problem
So, we got into things on night #1 and got much of the car apart – however, could not find a couple tools to allow things to move quicker. Not starting until 10pm did not help either and by midnight we shutdown. Night #2 started a little faster as a clearer head found the missing tools. However, rusty bolts and cramped areas kept us in the fun zone til 3am (lost bolts plagued our last few hours … oh, sleepy brain). By 4 we were in bed … yes … it took me an hour to get clean. Talk about dirty jobs! But the radiator was replaced, tubes reconnected and all components bolted back in. The next day we re-added the fluid, started ‘er up and let it bleed. And she works …
Took longer than taking to the shop, but I really enjoy breaking outside my regular mold every once in a while. Keeps my mind fresh and creative … and heck, its cool to be able to say “I did that … with Joe’s help :)”.

2 thoughts on “Grease Monkey

  1. Hey Cam:
    Your pics bring back some good and not so good memories of Nate and Dee working with Dad in the garage trying to fix/repair/replace/install some “thing” that went wrong.As for the clean up, try a product called orange cleaner with pumice – so strong…it”ll take the hair off a cat! Or something like that…
    great pictures – keep up the good work Joe!