Studio Bahan

Melissa had fun today. After going to bed early both her and I got up early … and yea, since Owen slept a full 8 hours we were well rested. So I headed to work … and Melissa, well apparently she did too.
By 11 I was getting photos …

Melissa played with both kids all day … think she has a new hobby, and the little ones are on board posing as the perfect subjects.

5 thoughts on “Studio Bahan

  1. Oh, what beautiful pictures you’ve taken, and your subjects are superb…
    Congratulations again!!
    Nate and Sara’s little Austin has been doing well; I hope you all can get together sometime soon,
    New Gramma-Brenda

  2. What beauties…such wonderful little men…and pets! Looks like Joseph got a hair cut? Glad to see that Owen is waisting no time in catching up on his growing and sleeping!
    Way to go Melis! Great work Cam posting them so quickly!! I still need your help Cam posting images on my site!
    Love you all,
    Mom (grandma bev)

  3. What do we have here? Anne Geddes better stay on her toes and watch out for the competion. Great pics Melissa. Eight days and a bit, but whose counting?
    See you soon.
    Love Grandma Pat