Father’s Day Weekend

With Owen’s arrival last week I took a little time off to spend with my expanding family. To my benefit it overlapped with Father’s Day … which I like to think has been extended into a full long weekend.

Saturday took us back to the ice rink. And as typical with strapping some blades on your feet … we had a blast. I was really exciting to see how Joe continues to get better. His balance on the single blades off the ice is incredible – only difference between skates and shoes is … he walks in skates (mostly). On the ice is just need confidence. He can now handle holding only one hand, and has taken a few steps on his own.

On Father’s Day itself … well, I tried to do nothing. That is right – I relaxed. Read a little, slept a little, and got a cool tee-shirt … and saw a movie. Also got a waffle machine … which we promptly put to use the next morning.

To do this right we made then from scratch. That is right … mix in the yeast, separate the egg whites and yoke, and let stand prior to cooking. So it turns out our breakfast was really a lunch … but hey … it was GOOD, VERY GOOD!!

Then we headed out to the art museum for a little cultural experience for Owen … and hey … don’t want to spend this entire family vacation sitting at home watching TV. It was actually an incredible day, the boys were really good and there is some great exhibits going on. Its great to be Dad!

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Weekend

  1. What an awesome family picture! Congratulations to all of you! Joe, you’re going to be a great big bother (oops, I mean brother)! That’s what Alica has said about Jeff in the past. Looks like you all had a great Father’s Day!
    Hugs to all!

  2. Joe is looking good on the ice. Soon he’ll be skating circles around you! And boy does brunch look good, I think i’ll make plans to come down to your place for waffles sometime 🙂