So we still await our new arrival … latest doctor appointment says 70% effaced and 2cm dilation. So we are making positive progress. We did spend little time on getting everything finally set up … if nothing else for Grandma Bev’s arrival early next week.

… but since we must wait a little longer …

Joe and I hit the fields. Apparently I was letting my mind and body go over the last several months and Joe thought a little running around was in order.

After a little coaching from Krishen and a little watching us all throw the disc around while running up and down the field … Joe was ready for a shift. Like all ringers, he came in on the last point took a couple passes and scored a point.

(He also got mom up and running around as he played on the jungle gym and slides found at the park … we all had such a great time we are going to have to do it again)

2 thoughts on “Longing

  1. man Joe is looking more and more like the pictures of cameron from when he was yong every day…..Krishen pull your socks down lol

  2. Cam and Melissa:
    Your little boy is looking so much like a Bahan these days! its great to see all your family pics. I look forward to seeing the new baby pics, and i’ll have some to share with you from Nate and Sara’s new stash when their little one arrives (finally)!
    I think about you four often, and pray for a safe and happy delivery. I can hardly wait for the fun to begin on my end of the world!! Yeah!!