Stanley Cup: Anaheim

So this last weekend we once again hit the ice, this time bringing the single blade skates for Joe. This allowed Tiffany and family to join us and use Joe’s dual-blade skates. She took to the ice as well as Joe did … and we all had a blast.

She’s a natural
Tonight Joe got to stay up extra late and watch the Ducks and Ottawa fight out game 5. Anaheim refused to let Ottawa back into the game after taking a first period lead. Ottawa pushed hard in the second but also made some critical errors. By the end of the third they were out of gas and Anaheim closed it out. 6-2 was the final.

Oh … I should mention … our family status remains unchanged. Actually, things have completely settled down. Guess we will have to wait to see what the doctor says tomorrow.

One thought on “Stanley Cup: Anaheim

  1. who were you ruting for cam??
    I am glad that the Dukcs won…and how could they not most of the team is Canadian!