Hicks of Braxton

This incredible photo courtesy of Krishen
We enjoyed breakfast at First Watch this morning as a quiet family outing. Get out and enjoy the newly found rain that is sprinkling on us. Well … was sprinkling on us, but the end of breakfast the sun was back out and the temperature was back up. It was “Berry” who is paying us a visit and has just been downgraded to a Tropical Depression … wow … second named storm on day one of the season … me thinks an interesting year is ahead.
The really fun thing is that the low pressure system is not just supplying much needed rain, it is also playing with Melissa. Resulting in some strong Braxton Hicks. We are watching the clock to see if anything comes of it … but right now it is just hard to keep from getting too excited.
We will let you know!
13 minutes, 10, 9, 8 … 10, 14, 24 … none!
We were regular for about 3 hours … and then they seem to have disappeared and we are now back to just some braxton hicks. A little tease of things to come, and a chance to get the bags packed, camera ready, and iPod charged 🙂
So, with things settling down it was time for a walk to the ice cream parlor and then have a nap.

2 thoughts on “Hicks of Braxton

  1. I am deeply flattered you posted my pic! Can’t really take much credit for it; he just sat there while I snapped away! This is probably the best of the 17 shots I took 🙂
    Excited for you and Melissa — if you need anything you know my cell!

  2. Good luck Melissa, I am sure everyhing is going to be just fine…