Final Days

Dr. Joe performs the weekly checkup
So, we are into the final days. June is almost here and Melissa keeps telling us that … well, lets just say she is getting excited 😉 And we are all excited. Joe keeps saying “Baby out!” … not sure if he knows the baby is due or if he just wants to play … or is it more of an instruction? … What we do know is that when we ask if he wants to have the baby at home he shakes his head and says “nope” … too funny. He is going to make a great big brother.
He shocked us by helping the doctor do Melissa’s check-up exam. Helped … ha … he took the doppler heartbeat monitor from the doctor, turned it on, climbed up on Melissa’s lap, placed it on her belly, found the baby, and held it there until the heartbeat was recorded, turned it off and returned it to the offended doc, she thought she was out of a job!!!!. See he does care! (Guess the simulators do help?)
These last days though … well, they have felt like the last days. Before I headed to California all three of us were sick … really sick … don’t recommend it. Then, while I was gone, Melissa had a short return of the bug … but Joe took great care of her. Even tried to take her mind off things by teaching her the alphabet … though, I don’t think she was in the mood. Then this first weekend back, Memorial Weekend … 4 days off, well … I had a nasty cold that kept us from getting out and enjoying it. Now, Joe is running a fever … after all these months without being really sick, we hit the jackpot.
But … Joe is a trooper and still fighting to play and watch hockey as the season winds down … even while running a fever of 102+. Curious how he is going to take a full summer without hockey? Guess we are just going to have to get out and go skating … and finish those nets before Kurt and Kari come into town … Brendan, do you want to come? We need someone to shoot pucks at 🙂 (Oh … see Joe, siblings can be so much fun!)

2 thoughts on “Final Days

  1. awch…….aw……….aw…
    Good times!
    Dont worry Brendan this time we will give you a helmit:)

  2. Beautiful belly Melissa! I am glad to know that Joe is helping..he will be great older brother.