Milestone week

As Melissa enters her final stages of her incubation (we are now into weekly doctor visits) we wanted to reflect on a couple other milestone moments. In a couple weeks it is all going to be about the new – so Joe is squeaking in his last few moments while he can 🙂
First, Joe put on his shoes while mom was playing on the computer … only asking her to help tighten the straps. Then Joe let go of my hand and walked down the stairs unassisted – no walls, no bum shuffle, no helping hands. Blew my mind – and then to see him do the leg switch without falling (right leg – step 1, left leg – step 2). Crazy!
Well, I am ready to start again … how about you?
Joe’s 2 year checkup reported him at 35.25″ long and 26 lbs — so he should be around 5’10

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