Wet in the Sun

For Joe’s birthday we promised him fun with family and friends. So on Saturday we headed to Orlando to attend Jordan’s birthday where we got to spend the day playing with Jordan, Tiffany, and several other of Jordans new friends. Happy Birthday to all three of our little troopers!
And on Sunday … well, on Sunday we went to Adventure Island for some family time (family including Uncle Krishen of course).

What kind of contraption is this?

One thing we know … it got you wet!
We soaked in the sun, splashed in the water, and slipped down the slides. The favorite was the endless swimming pool … otherwise known as the Rambling Bayou (a river channel circling the park). Here Joe would put on his life jacket and just swim along on his own. His smile stretched from ear to ear as he kicked and paddled along – the constant current and bumping tubes was very exciting, but the new found freedom from the life jacket was the bonus.
With 12 month passes to both Adventure Island and Busch Gardens, we plan to have many more of these day trips. Must say, I am looking forward to Father-Son Saturdays… (though, mom + 1 will probably always get invited).

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