Fun in the sun

So, Melissa and Joe are now enjoying a vacation back home in Calgary. Leaving me to hold down the fort here. Just to keep them missing Sarasota I thought I would post some pictures of their last day in town.
Enjoy the days with family … wish I could be there.

6 thoughts on “Fun in the sun

  1. I want to come home with Melissa and Joe and go to the beach. I think I need some fun in the sun too!! Having to work for a living interferes with enjoying life unless you live where it is warm. Well skiing is fun too but you have to take time to do it and it requires a long day. Have a walk on the beach for me
    Love Mom

  2. He had a blast … and so did Melissa and I. It was really the first time we got to really “play” down at the beach – normally we stay dry and clean due to dinner plans or such. This time we killed our dinner out to just have fun. Well, Joe had dinner … even tried to share … MMMM… mud pies. Think he had about 3 to 4 helpings, guess it was good stuff!

  3. Wow, haven’t seen any pictures or anything for quite a while. Looks relaxing down their and your family’s doing great.
    Your son looks like a beautiful, happy little boy.