Today we made the hardest decision of our lives. After almost 20 years, or at age 138, we put Patches down. In the last few weeks she began to take a turn for the worse, and in the end we could not see a comfortable and stable recovery. It is going to be a quiet and lonely house for a long time and we are going to miss her companionship dearly.

Patches (center) still with her eyes not quite open
Melissa got Patches for her 8th birthday, well the July before. Every since then she has been the one stable companion in her life., providing an ear to hear all the growing pains as Melissa moved between Calgary and the island … and then off to Seattle, Vancouver, and finally Sarasota. Patches really loved it down here with the warmer climate and the growing family. Joe and her really formed a bond, often they could be found playing together – Joe was always so gentle, while Patches was as playful as her old bones would allow. We are all really going to miss her.
While 20 years is a good long life … it does not make it any easier.

5 thoughts on “Patches

  1. Oh Miss, I’m so sorry honey. She was such a sweet kitty and we know she will be very missed.

  2. Hi,
    I remember Patches in one of Melisa’s houses in Victoria. When ever I came to visit, Patches would be sitting on the window sill just watching the world.
    Any way I will always miss her too.

  3. For all my sneezing and watery eyes I will miss you too, Patches. You always wanted to jump up on my lap no matter how many times I said no! 😀
    I am sorry for your loss Melissa, Cam and Joe..

  4. we are so sorry to hear about patches we remember her when she was a kitten on the cobblehill farm you lived on, and the shawigan lake house when she had kittens in your bed, so sorry to hear about her passing, thinking about you at this hard time Fiona AND Shannon Beech (Shannon Main)