Cat Trap

So, Patches has been struggling again. Aging can be graceful, but is not always easy. At the moment we are needing to add some water (with nutrients) just under her layer of skin to add the fluids that she is lacking. The results have been great so far … she has been more active and joyful — though playing the role of a hockey puck can still be a little … “stressful” !!!!
Now, with Melissa heading home to Calgary on vacation I will be left to handle the two-person job of giving the doses that patches needs. (One person to hold her – One person to jab her … she is not a fan of that second person). So Melissa had a great idea … build a hammock that holds her while she is not here.
Putting our heads together we designed … designed … and re-designed different ways to build an inexpensive structure that will comfortably hold Patches while the injection is taking place. A couple trips to the local hardware store and some great work by our staff we managed a sturdy and elegant? “device”. It even works 🙂

It was fun to tackle this as a family as we all played a role in building it … much better way to spend the weekends than heading to the office. And just look Dad … Joe is all ready to help with the work you have around the house. I will make sure he packs his tools 🙂

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